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jlcope2 asked: Do you have any recommendations for leather colors that are versatile, timeless, and stylish for a briefcase?

Brown or black, with the latter being more formal. You can’t go wrong with something like this.

evilmerino asked: Any experience with Brunello Cucinelli ties? I love the muted solid color palates, and slightly slimmer sizing then Drake's (3" to 2.5" for many) but I'm curious if you've owned any or can comment on their quality or construction. As always, thank you!

They’re quite nice, if you like the width. You can find them at the sample sales they have in NYC, if you’re in the area. 

Anonymous asked: Not sure if you would know the answer to this but you may know another person I can ask. If I want to work in fashion merchandising after college does it matter if I major in fashion merchandising or regular marketing?

Would probably help to specialize, as it seems like you’re pretty set on the industry you want to be in. If you want to keep your options open, then I’d suggest going with something more general, like marketing as a whole. 

southernsartorialism asked: Hi, long time follower and fan. I have a quick question for you. I'm looking into the wool blend blazer from Uniqlo. I typically wear a 36s, would their small work for me? Thanks for your time.

Typically I think a 36s translates to an xs at Uniqlo, in both the slim and regular fits, depending on how thin you are.   

Anonymous asked: Hey Im looking to buy some supergas, do they run large, small or fit true to size? Thanks.

The 1705s run a half size small - I wear a 10.5 in those and a 10 normally. Think the other models may run a little small as well, but I can’t speak for the 2750s. Someone on here should know. 

menstyled asked: Hey Jake, Probably you've heard this countless times, but love the materials you post. I have a question, my shoe size range around US 5 - 5.5 I was wondering which brand do you know that has brogues or any formal footwears my size?

That’s a pretty tough range for Men’s shoes. The only brand I know of is Suit Supply actually. Most start at size 6, so you might want to consider trying to find a pair of small 6s and throwing in a tongue or heel pad, if it’s not too awkward. You can always go custom as well.  

Anonymous asked: Thoughts on best tuxedo for under $2000? I'm a stockier guy who usually wears a 44R.

Eidos Napoli or Ring Jacket. 

Anonymous asked: I've been looking for a brown leather bomber jacket with fur on the collar but i can't find one anywhere. Any suggestions?

How about this one?

Anonymous asked: Probably a naive question, but: what's so great about unlined ties? Do they knot differently than regular ties? Are they specifically for spring/summer? Curious. Thanks, love the blog. Oh, also: links to some of your favorites would be great!

The preference for unlined ties seems to be buried in subjectivity more than anything else, but I like them because they’re light and are a bit more casual than a structured tie. They also tie beautiful knots in many cases and tend to be finished well. You could almost compare them to an unstructured blazer vs. something with padding. This article should be helpful. As for favorites, check out these ones from Arcuri, the aformentioned Vanda, and E.G. Cappelli. Also Marinella. And Drake’s. 

Anonymous asked: Do any U.S. stores you know of carry Meermins? I love the look of their suede loafers, but know nothing about the fit and generally have had bad experiences trying to buy shoes by mail.

They basically preserve their savings by selling their shoes direct to their customers. Thus, no stores carry them at this time that I know of - maybe in the future. If you get in touch with them, they can probably find a last that will work for you. 

Anonymous asked: yo bro, got a toughie here, don't know if you got any leads, but its like this man, I love the best because i deserve the best and on my way to being the best. Now that said, I am looking for a place to make this dude bespoke custom made underwear like in cashmere, or vicuna, or silk? Daamn right! Ideas? My two tailors (one in Sicily, one in Naples) of course cannot. One of my two glove makers (one makes the body and the other makes the fingers on the gloves) said he thought in NYC someone did.

Elephant in the room my friend. Elephant in the room. 

Plus, someone as astute as you should know that Alexander Kabbaz can hook that up. 


Waning Weeks Of The Weekend Tweed Suit.
For a New England Sunday.


Waning Weeks Of The Weekend Tweed Suit.

For a New England Sunday.

(Source: ringjacket)


Anonymous asked: Your blog is tremendously tremendous. I live in the town of Urdmurtkatir near the city of Ufa in Bashkortostan. Do you know of any store near here where I buy maybe crocodile leather pointed type boots maybe in blue or black. I like Zilli boots and clothes but they are far away in Baku or Tashkent. what are best stores for luxury jeans online or in my country or Turkmenistan or somewhere? Do you live in the east like where chinese type people are?

I recommend you check out the Esentai Mall in Almaty - they’ll probably have what you need. 

"The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things: Of shoes, and ships, and sealing wax Of cabbages and kings And why the sea is boiling hot And whether pigs have wings" downeastandout(at)gmail(dot)com