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(Source: bntailor)

Anonymous asked: What are your top brands for a high quality peacoat?

Schott is a great staple. Check out the versions from Private White and Belstaff for pricier options. 

Anonymous asked: how do I dress so that I feel like I'm smarter and deeper than other people?

Convince those other people that you don’t care about how you dress. 

Anonymous asked: What would you wear with light grey dress pants?

White soft collar dress shirt with barrel cuffs rolled below the elbow, and a little bagginess around the waist. Braided light brown suede leather belt and a pair of Alden suede loafers. Navy waffle print nautical sweater and a pair of tortoise shell sunglasses.

Or a navy blazer. 

Anonymous asked: Re: your four-in-hand tie knot preference, does a tie knot depend on collar type and spread? Relatedly, is a tie (btwn tie and collar) gap vs a collar (btwn collar & neck) gap permissible? Thanks.

Supposedly for some this matters quite a lot, but I’ve never really cared about ‘tie gap.’ I think large knots look clownish and avoid them at all costs. Sometimes a double 4 in hand even gets too bulky, but I’ll wear either a single or double 4 in hand with any collar. In my book, collar gap is much less forgivable.   

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