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Anonymous asked: Drakes cashmere tie in spring/summer - okay or strictly a f/w thing?

Should be fine depending on the weight/pattern. I’m not too seasonal about ties to be honest, unless they skew heavily towards warm (linen) or cold (thick wool) months. I like my ties unlined though, so it’s less of an issue. 

urbangallant asked: Hey, terribley sorry about the bombardment of chukka questions, but Alden's are a bit pricey for me. Do you know Any decent suede chukkas that should retail up to $300 at most. Thanks.

Loake or Meermin will definitely do the trick. 

sensile asked: hi Jake, what do you think of Penfield's Lakeville jacket?

Not really my cup of tea, but I’m sure it’s nice enough if you like it. I’m not big on how Penfield uses velcro near the cuffs, and I’m not too crazy about the vertical chest pockets or the branding on that particular model. 

Anonymous asked: Hi! I would just like to ask for some advice because I'm thinking of wearing an all black suit as well as the shirt and having a gold tie. Do you think this is a sound idea? :)

That’s pretty bold, depending on the context. 

Anonymous asked: Hi Jake, kudos on the continued great work. Your recommendation/s for getting rubber soles replaced on pair of shoes in NYC? Appreciate your efforts in answering questions.

B. Nelson/VIP is great, especially with rubber soles. They have a variety of options, including some colored Dainite, if you want to get crazy. 

Yashica 35 at Anchors & Anvils




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Anonymous asked: Love the blog, Jake! Quick question if you please. Been looking for a decent classic M65. Alpha industries and the likes are too baggy while Aspesi are, well, too nylony. Usually love Beams, but their SS14 M65 look like shit imo. Where do I go?

My buddy just got one from TEN C and he loves it. They’re a little pricey though, so I might go for the TCNY version myself. Also keep checking for the Italians in various places - I have one from Piombo which fits the bill - not too much nylon and a slim fit. 


"The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things: Of shoes, and ships, and sealing wax Of cabbages and kings And why the sea is boiling hot And whether pigs have wings" downeastandout(at)gmail(dot)com