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Anonymous asked: Canadian in Montreal here. re. parkas: Helly-Hansen-less ubiquitous, Norwegian, Asian made; Fjallraven-nice cuts for hipsters with beards-Swedish made in Vietnam; Kanuk-handmade in Montreal-CG quality but ugly; Moose Knuckles-CDN for Ed Hardy types ; Nobis-good quality CDN made; Arc'teryx-high tech&light, CDN-moving more prod. offshore; Woolrich- moving prod. back to US, high.quality&rare here. Base & layers matter most+ down doesn't work well as synthetic in humid damp cold like TO or MTL.

Good suggestions. 

Anonymous asked: How would you wear a pair of chalkstripe suit trousers as a separate? People say it can't be done, that you'd be "wearing half a suit." But I kind of want to know what you have to about this say Jake!

I wouldn’t wear them with a jacket, avoiding the orphaned suit pants look. Instead, I’d opt for a button down and a knit of some kind - maybe something chunky. Then I’d layer further and thrown on a down vest or gilet, or maybe a jacket of some kind. Basically anything to make the trousers look like more of an ensemble, versus something out of place. 

Anonymous asked: I have a very dark navy sports jacket. How can I bring out the blue in it, as opposed to making it seem black?

Technically you should opt for the opposite end of the color wheel. Although that puts you somewhere in the orange spectrum, I think you’d do well with a pair of British khakis trousers - something in a darker beige perhaps. A light blue or white shirt and a tie might help as well. 

Anonymous asked: Any recommendations on good cashmere sweaters in a modern/slim fit?

Cucinelli makes pretty amazing cashmere sweaters, as does Loro Piana. For some slightly cheaper models, I’d look at Uniqlo or Club Monaco. The unbranded RL ones are nice too, and you can usually find them on sale somewhere. Just size down. 

Anonymous asked: Hey Jake, what's your choice for a quality pair of mole skin trousers? Cheers!

Epaulet makes a really nice pair of olive moleskin trousers, or at least they used to. Just get them slimmed up a little and they’re perfect. Otherwise, I think Aspesi makes a couple models in moleskin and I’m sure those are pretty nice. 

Anonymous asked: Great blog! Love reading it! Whats your take on Septieme Largeur? Do you have any experiece with 'em? Just love the sleek lasts and chiseled toes! Very tempted to get the Joffre on the 199. Anyhow - keep up the great blogging!

I’ve always admired Septieme shoes from afar, but have yet to pick up a pair. They do use some beautiful lasts and their patina studio can churn out some crazy designs. I think they’re worth a shot at the price point, especially if you favor that sleeker style over something a bit more traditional, a la Meermin. The Joffres in old brown box (kind of a rough name for a color) especially look quite nice.  

Anonymous asked: Hey Jake! Thoughts on RM Williams Craftsman in black as a dress boot? Picked em up in black yearling and with gy welt but am not sure if it is a great match to a suit or any kind or more formal wool pants. What (if at all) would you pair 'em with?

Those yearlings are awesome boots - nice pickup. I have a somewhat similar pair of black C&J short chelseas and I wear them with anything from dark denim to grey trousers. I think they’d look great with a navy suit as well. I typically like to keep the bottom half of whatever I’m wearing on the darker side, with the black boots. 



camjaynowsd asked: I have inquired about your recommendation on military brands/style in the past and you have never let me down, thanks! Do you have any recommendations for miltary style watch brands both inexpensive and high end with all the utilities?

No worries - thanks for stopping by. I’d check out the Seiko 5 series, CWC, MKII, and perhaps Marathon. 

Anonymous asked: I'm attending university in Canada and looking for a good coat to brave the rapidly approaching winter. Every single person at this school owns a Canada Goose jacket so I'd like to find something a little less played out, but with a similar heavyweight and warm design. Any suggestions? I've been looking into Ten C on ebay, but I've heard some people on forums say they're not as warm as they had hoped they would be. Unreal blog by the way!

Check out Aether - it’s quite warm and I believe it’s cheaper that CG. 



"The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things: Of shoes, and ships, and sealing wax Of cabbages and kings And why the sea is boiling hot And whether pigs have wings" downeastandout(at)gmail(dot)com