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alivelyuniform asked: I'm looking for a great looking lightweight spring jacket. Any suggestions other than Barbour?

Check out Penfield, Aspesi, Norse Projects, Our Legacy, Fjallraven, Stone Island, Beams, CP Company, Cabourn, Elka, Carven, TENC, etc.  


Hi to all of my followers! I am currently conducting a research project for university on the effects of tumblr menswear blogs on consumer opinions and perceptions of brands. The project will go towards some real analytical results of what blogs show, how they affect us and what brands can do to…

urbangallant asked: Any preference on "To Boot New York" suede chukkas? I'm thinking of selling my Allen Edmond Amok chukkas for them. Great stuff on the blog by the way.

I actually prefer Alden’s chukkas to the To Boot and AE models, but that’s just me. Would go with the To Boots over the AEs though, as the stitching on the AEs is a bit too distinctive in my opinion. Meermin also makes some great suede chukkas. 

Anonymous asked: Hi im from the UK and currently looking to purchase a pair of black selvedge jeans around the £130 price mark. Any suggestions ? Cheers

Not a huge denim guy, but I’d probably go with something from Self Edge/3Sixteen, Baldwin, or Fullcount. 

Anonymous asked: Hi, I will be in London next weekend! I need some new double monk straps. What brands are you suggesting? Price range £150-200, color: brown. Keep up with the great posts!

Very sorry for the wait - this is probably too late. For that price range though, I’d go with Meermin or Septieme Largeur/Markowski.  

Anonymous asked: Where can I get those boots??

If you’re referring to the C&J Islays, then you should head over to Rose & Born. 

Anonymous asked: Your blog is the Da Bomb! Look forward to daily read. Could you recommend a quality wallet and passport wallet with RFID protection? Also looking for a front pocket wallet. Thanks.

For quality wallets, I’d definitely recommend Chester Mox, as they use great leathers and have a variety of sizes. The prices are also very reasonable. For something a bit pricier, I’d probably go Valextra, SAB, Ettinger, or Smythson. Saddleback Leather makes a decent looking model with an RFID blocker, but I’m not sure of many others. 

Anonymous asked: I've never gone wrong following your fashion advice (Boglioli, Incotex, J. Press knit ties) -- so you could you recommend a pair of semi-casual loafer that would look nice with jeans/khakis and an unstructured sports coat? Many thanks.

These are great. Also check out these for a slightly different shape. If you’re into tassels there are a number of options as well. I think anything in brown and suede is a good semi-casual choice for a loafer. 



Jacques Yves Cousteau smoking a pipe.


Jacques Yves Cousteau smoking a pipe.


Camoshita Bottle Green Cotton Suit - This beauty is now available at No Man Walks Alone. Cut and tailored in Japan, this suit features minimal shoulder padding, copper mother of pearl buttons, and side tabs on the pants. This is one of those moments where I hate being 6’4”.





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