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la Maison Pierre Degand - the archetypal menswear establishment

I remember, some time ago, looking through photos by the Sartorialist and stumbling across a few photos of a beautiful, menswear shop, named simply, Degand. The shop was unheralded and situated in Brussels, rather than any of the typical menswear hubs of Milan, Paris, Tokyo, or New York. I had never seen a shop that combined elegance and decadence so tastefully and I’ve always wanted to learn more about the proprietor, Pierre Degand, and his story.

Thankfully, Hugo, of the Parisian Gentleman, recently stopped by and got the full scoop, along with some great photographs of the layout and wares. It appears that Mssr. Degand actually started his eponymous operation at age 14(!), selling menswear out of a beachside stall, and today occupies a space on Avenue Louise, which he won at auction. To quote the article:

"Today, the Maison Pierre Degand occupies over 2,000 square meters of pure sartorial bliss over 3 main locations: “Degand Tailleur” dazzles with a series of salons dedicated to one aspect of our vestiaries with products of the highest calibre for each, “Degand Business and Sport” where gents find more accessible yet handpicked goods, and two-year old brand new “Degand Shoes”, without a doubt one of the best frequented retailers of sublime shoes in the world with ranges from all the best brands: Edward Green, John Lobb, Pierre Corthay, Tod’s and Santoni, just to name a few."

With over 600 suits from Brioni and Kiton on display as well, this shop must truly be a sight to behold. I cannot wait to get there myself someday.

Article and photos here

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