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Anonymous asked: What do you think about the two button Glencheck plaid jacket from LBM 1911 on Nitty Gritty? I've been slaving all over the interwebs and that's the best I could find in a 48! Also, when would you wear a DB, as opposed to a single-breasted one? Thanks and keep up with your amazing work!

I like it. Normally I prefer a glen plaid that is a few shades lighter, to really emphasize the pattern, but the darker color on the LBM makes it a bit easier to wear. Would go great with some navy trousers, and that price is pretty hard to beat - I say go for it.

With regards to the DB, I think it comes down to how comfortable you are with the style, as it’s still a bit of a bold look, even as they get more ubiquitous. I’m personally a fan of dressing down DB blazers with casual pants and even denim, so I’d tend to wear one interchangeably with a single breast. However, it’s certainly easier to pull off the DB in a more formal setting until you get used to it.  

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