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A brief thanks

After hitting a minor personal milestone today, I just wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you who follows my tumblr. What started out as a simple way to store and file the images I was saving on an excel spreadsheet has now grown above and beyond anything I ever imagined. The most rewarding part of the whole experience has been the connections this medium has brought me and the friends I have met both directly and indirectly through my page and elsewhere. I hope that you all have found the content I post enjoyable and perhaps helpful - please feel free to reach out with any comments, questions, or suggestions that you may have. 



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    Man that humbleness belies the immense swag of a man whose taste is matched only by his immaculate eye for detail! Much...
  2. projectmadhouse said: <3
  3. ianwarrington said: congratulations, I do find your blog very useful, my own blog is just a simple way of collecting pictures together in one place
  4. either--or said: you just won the “sweetest dude on tumblr” award!
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"The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things: Of shoes, and ships, and sealing wax Of cabbages and kings And why the sea is boiling hot And whether pigs have wings" downeastandout(at)gmail(dot)com