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Autumn/Winter Suiting

Consider Patch Pockets

Well folks, summer is sadly over and we must all get over the fact that the days of scorching heat, sweat-stained shirts, and multitudes of New York tourists are to be shelved, at least for a good nine months. Lucky for me, any melancholy I feel is tempered and then immediately forgotten as we enter the new season. Yup, I love Autumn and all that comes with it from the microbrews and champions league footy to the crispy air and apple cider. It’s all good and from a menswear perspective, it may be the perfect season. Layering in the autumn allows guys to be truly creative with what they wear and the possible combinations of textures, colors, and patterns are unending and diverse. It’s also a great time to suit up.

The fall tends to represent the beginning of a sprint to the end of the year for many. The dog days are over and it’s time for people to get down to brass tacks. This means more work, more meetings, and more holiday parties. And with that comes the need for suits, which are great for anyone in any business that wants to look just a bit sharper than the average dude. I, in fact, have been thinking about getting a new suit for a while now, and have been narrowing down my choices for a sturdy suit that can be used in various settings. While it was tough to find exactly what I wanted, I believe that, with a little help from farfetch, I may have found a few perfect options.

Versatility in clothing is very important to me and is especially useful for those who appreciate getting the most out of their larger purchases. As a suit typically falls in this category, I want to highlight a style that I give particular deference to: the patch pocket suit. These rarities are deemed too casual for some, and indeed are probably not the best option for the ultra-conservative workplace. But for most other situations, I think the patch pocket suit is one of the best choices for those looking to get maximum value. Because of the inherent casualness of the jacket, this style of suit is easy to break up, and can be used as an odd jacket with random trousers quite nicely. This is perfect for the fall, when you can layer your suit or sport coat with any number of other items (knits, scarves, vests, etc.) to create different looks for varying situations, and to keep things fresh. You can also adjust the level of formality accordingly - for business go with a cutaway collar and a nice cashmere or silk print tie; for a night out, forgo the tie and belt, and wear a pair of drivers.

The examples pictured above are great options to complete this look. They are made by Boglioli, which needs no introduction and are either wool or wool-cashmere blends - great fabrics for the season. 3-2 rolls are in vogue right now, but if that’s not your thing, the 2 button is still a classic, timeless choice. And, for those that need a truly conservative business suit, but want it to have some character, there are the flapped pocket options, which come in elegant, but unique fabrics like the windowpane and pinstripe examples above.

If you are considering a suit for this fall, really try and think about how you are going the be using it and what you will be wearing it for. Purchasing a suit is a big deal for some and for others it’s just adding another hanger to the rack - regardless, you want to extract as much utility as possible, so stick to the staples first and then get crazy. Farfetch has a number of solid options from the likes of the aforementioned Boglioli, to Brioni, Paul Smith, and Tonello, just to name a few. For the more fashion-minded folks, they also stock MMM, D&G, YSL and more. Good luck with the hunt - hit me up if you have any questions. 

(this post was done in association with farfetch - purchase mens designer suits here, at

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