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Anonymous asked: Love your blog! Quick question: What are your thoughts on tailoring ties to make them slimmer? I am thinking of splurging on a PRL tie, however it's 3.5" wide and I prefer my ties to only be 2.5" wide in order for them to match the width of my lapels. However, it would cost me $20-30 more to have the tie narrowed. Should I keep looking to find the right tie straight away? The tie is pretty specific, it's their madison dog tie, and I checked eBay to find similar ties but no luck there.

Thanks. It’s pretty simple to slim a tie up, and a good tailor can get that done for you pretty quick. Seems like you know what you want and have checked in with your tailor on his capabilities. In that case, I would splurge and make the purchase, as I doubt you’ll find that specific Madison tie in a different width. Just so you know though, J. Press has something similar in a slimmer width.

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