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Anonymous asked: Hi Jake! How to make a shirt fit perfectly? most of my shirts have this extra fabric that makes some sort of balloon in my back. Should I just give up on them and buy a few sizes smaller or is that normal? I haven't seen any photo around menswear blogs of how a shirt should fit on the back, and that's driving crazy, to be honest. Thanks!

Hey man - you should be glad you have this problem, as it likely means you are thin/athletic/in some semblance of decent shape. The shirts you’re wearing are too large in the waist. If the shoulder seams run down your arms or the sleeves are too long, then yes, you should size down. However, if those areas fit then your best bet is to bring your shirts to the tailor and get the waists brought in, which is a relatively simple and painless procedure. When buying shirts in the future, opt for the slim/extra slim fits.  

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