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The Meermin MTO Adventure Continues…

Recently, Pepe was kind enough to find time to send me these photos of the uppers of my MTO Meermin shoes. As you all can see, they are in process and by this time they will have been lasted to the shape I chose. You can all guess what I’m constructing here and I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished products. They should be a pretty unique pair of kicks and should be a good demonstration of the range of products that Meermin is able to manufacture.

Furthermore, this shows to me the care and attention that the folks at Meermin pay to their customers. I realize that because I have this outlet to document this process, I am more likely to receive undo attention versus other patrons, but I genuinely believe that Pepe and his team are some of the kindest, most helpful folks in the business. They have created a great product which they are selling at a pricepoint that is accessible to those who aspire past the department store shoe section, and should be commended for doing so in such a professional manner. Please just be patient with them, as they are a small operation processing a lot of orders. 

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