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curlyculture asked: Hello, I am new to the blazers/suit jackets game and I watched some advice on GQ+menswear blogs and I bought one that i would have thought previously is too small for me [ basically if i gain 6 pounds i won't be able to close it]. Is this ok? Or ar people gonna look at me like i'm trying to fit in something a seize too small? Another question is what should I do the first few times i wear it? or before? should i let it in the rain outside to beat the newness out of it?[ not kidding ]. THANKS!

Tough to tell how small the jacket might be without seeing it (the 6 pounds bit is hard to visualize). However, I would look at the jacket length (should end right around your base thumb knuckle or slightly higher) and the shoulders (seams should fit right at the end of your shoulders) to judge the fit. Also - if you cant’ fit a fist between your chest and your buttoned jacket it’s likely too small. If it feels/looks to small to you, then it probably is. You should get measured by a good tailor and establish your size based on that, versus what you read.

Don’t do anything rash to a new suit when you first wear it, especially beating it up in the rain. That will not help.

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