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lafreshness asked: I'm graduating and in the top five percent of my class and i have no idea what i want to do career wise . I'm open to anything as long as it makes a'lot of money i kinda wanna pay back my parents for everything they've done for me later on in life. I was thinking of doing corporate law however i've heard hiring for lawyers is kinda low as of late. What other careers/majors could would you advise for someone who wants to be financially successful at all cost?

This is a pretty ridiculous question and I can’t even tell if you’re serious or not. To that end, I could provide you with two sets of answers, one completely in jest (you should definitely major in communications and be a pro basketball player) and one that has some thought put into it. I don’t really have the time for the latter, as I’m not a guidance counselor, and the former wouldn’t really be helpful, assuming you are actually looking for some direction.

However, if you want to be financially successful at all cost, then I would suggest you forget having a life for a few years, suck it up, and become an investment banker or a lawyer. You should major in finance/math or history and get really solid grades, along with internships at a bulge bracket firm or Latham or Skaden or Piper or whatever. You will certainly be wealthy if you are successful in either of those fields. However, you need to ask yourself how fulfilling it will be to work 14 hours a day and how much all that money is really worth to you. You could also be a plastic surgeon, computer scientist, or an engineer.

I suggest figuring out what you want to do based on who you are and what interests you. My bet is that you will have some regrets if you don’t explore all the options out there, including some of the ones that don’t offer the fattest paycheck.

  1. lessgentlemen said: also, please don’t go to law school under the deluded idea that you are guaranteed lots of money (because you aren’t).
  2. stylegirlfriend said: "I kinda wanna pay back my parents for everything they’ve done for me" dear GOD kids today.
  3. cbenjamin said: Fuck basketball, go for baseball and be a first baseman. You can be fat as fuck but as long as you have a .300 batting avg they’ll pay you tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars.
  4. downeastandout posted this

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