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Anonymous asked: Hi there, I have a tailoring issue that I'd like some help with please. I bought a fantastic DB Aquascutum coat on eBay that was way too big around the middle so dropped £60 at the tailor. Now I've got it back it's still way too big, is it within my rights to ask them to redo it or is it my fault for not realising it was too big at the time of pinning? They've done a great job, it just doesn't fit. (I always find it hard to judge pinning and usually just give measurements)

If you’ve got a good relationship with your tailor he might be willing to redo it for less than the initial cost. However, you are probably at fault for not specifying exactly what you wanted based on the pinning session. I always tailor garments using pinning in person at the tailors and would never just give measurements - too many variables.

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