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curlyculture asked: I love your blog, big big fan actually, but everything your post here is just crazy expensive. I like to look at it as a guide to what's in/good/how things should look and fit but i could never go and buy that boglioli jacket for example and i do wonder how many of us can. I buy things from lower end brands like h&m and if you choose carefully you can really find good stuff even there. Sure,Wooster won't be impressed [not that i live in the us] but isn't about what you choose as much as brands?

Glad that you are a fan first of all - I very much appreciate your support. It is indeed true that many of the things I post about are quite pricey and yet, believe it or not, that is somewhat well-intentioned I assure you. As you mentioned, the items and outfits I post are, in many cases, supposed to be close to the archetypal examples of whatever genre they represent. When I post a Boglioli jacket for instance, it is because that particular house has grown to typify the unstructured jacket and the brand has the history and quality to back it up. It is the model for which others should follow. That however, does not mean that you need to or should go out and mortgage your life to get one. It is purely an example and there are many jackets of lesser monetary value that can and will serve you equally as well. That H&M jacket may not have the same unique fabric or construction detail, but if you style it correctly, it can be used to the same effect I assure you. When it comes down to it, tumblr is full of enthusiasts, but the vast majority of folks you’ll come across will not know the difference.   

You can also use the things I post as a means of inspiration or aspiration. Expensive as the items may seem to be, many of them are affordable with a bit of saving, especially if you shop smart. Use the resources that are readily available to each and every one of us - ebay, styleforum, yoox, etc. These are all great places to get deals on the items that you see all over tumblr on a daily basis. You just need to be willing to put in a little extra effort and be patient to find exactly what you want. Save a little bit of money with every paycheck to finally score those Aldens and that day will be all the much sweeter when you get there.

Finally, there is little need to ever buy or wear anything to impress other people. Sure, it’d be nice if Nick Wooster or someone else whose taste I respect gave me a compliment, but that is not the reason why I dress the way I do. I dress purely for my own benefit - I enjoy it. There is a viscerally satisfying feeling that is hard to describe when you get dressed in the morning and it all comes together the way you want it to. It’s just a nice way to start the day off. I think there is a video of Patrick Grant getting dressed floating around that I watched some time ago, which I really identified with for some reason - you should check it out. It’s not about the clothing, but the feelings they provoke, all of which has nothing to do with price.

  1. pricklythornsweetlyworn said: Great question, Great answer. :)
  2. brockelbank said: I had some smilar thoughts as Curlyculture. This was a really well put reply. Well said. I may actually quote a line or two, if that’s cool.
  3. downeastandout posted this

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