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chukkasonthehudson asked: Love the blog. I just got a pair of dubmonks from Meermin. I got my normal size (UK 10.5), and they are great- except they are really loose (despite the length being right). This is my 1st pair of monks so I don't know if that is normal with this style. I had another hole punched, and I put in tongue pads and insoles, which makes them wearable. But just wondered if you have had this issue with dubmonks or your new Meermin MTOs. Thanks.

Sounds like the last is a little too wide - perhaps next time you can go made to order and get a slightly slimmer model. However, it’s definitely not uncommon with monkstraps and I’ve had pairs that have been either too tight or too loose in the past. My new Meermins fit pretty well right out of the box, but I chose a last that I thought would fit my feet the best. I will likely need to punch another hole in the straps so that they fit just a bit more snugly however. Sounds like you are on the right path with the insoles/pads - the fit should only improve as you wear them in. 

  1. sarctorialism said: I had the same problem and cut a new hole in the strap - that worked out fine.
  2. downeastandout posted this

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