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mftma asked: I'm 33 I live in Chicago. Many of the men's fashion blogs had pictures coming out Italy in the past weeks with men wearing shawls. I love the look! Over a well tailored suit, I think it looks great! Is it too bold for Americans? I mean,that's what's next right? The scarfs seem to be getting bigger. It's just a matter of time. Right? Thanks

Haha sounds like you are looking for some back up on your new shawl purchase, no?

I’m just messing - they were indeed big at the shows. I’m not a huge fan of the look, barring a few guys who I think can really pull it off well. However, I don’t believe it’s too bold for Americans to wear - all that requires is confidence. You may get some wayward glances, but anyone can brush that off. It will probably take some time to gain traction in the US on a wider scale, if it ever does. In the meantime, forge ahead and wear whatever you think looks good. 

  1. thecrankyprofessor said: I think American men would have an easier time with shawls than the floppy hats. That hat in America = hillbilly.
  2. shanehuman said: great answer to this question…
  3. downeastandout posted this

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