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Anonymous asked: Tom Ford vs Isaia Suits?

To start, Tom Ford’s suits are made by E. Zegna to their couture/XXX line standards I believe. That means they have great construction and plenty of handwork - all in all they are apparently very nice garments. However, with the TF name comes a significant mark up to cover all the costs, material and otherwise, of being a design/fashion house. Aesthetically, with a Ford suit you will get some amazing fabrics, roped strong shoulders, a very nipped waist, large pocket flaps or patches, many buttoned sleeves, etc etc. If you are married to that particular style, want that cachet, and have a lot of disposable income, then maybe Tom Ford is for you.

Personally, I would take Isaia over TF. Their construction is top notch and although I’ve never discussed the two brands from a comparative standpoint with anyone at Isaia, I’m sure the handwork is on par. Isaia uses some of the finest proprietary fabrics I’ve ever seen and their pricing is much more reasonable, in relation to Ford. I may be biased because I’ve had tangible experience with Isaia, but at this point I don’t see a justification for the extra cost. I would rather buy Zegna’s top line vs. Ford as well, for that reason alone. All in all, for the pricepoints we’re talking about here I would get OTR or bespoke Isaia over the equivalent from Tom Ford all day. It’s not even close.

If you’re shooting for the moon though, you should probably consider Attolini, Rubinacci, or the Row as well. 

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